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*pokes the community* is it.. alive?

Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in doing a group order with me? I'm thinking sometime in or around April/May. I wanna use some of my tax refund for pretty clothes. <3

So, here comes the hard part: deciding on a shop! If you need links, check out Avant Gauche under "Major Brands" and "Other Brands" (personally I'd love to order from some indie brand shops, like Pina Sweet Collection and Choco Chip Cookie).
Any type of payment is fine, as long as the money gets to me before I place the order. I have lots of feedback so you can trust that I'm not going to steal your money or anything. :P
As for the shipping, it'll be divided up equally. This way it's cheaper than if you placed the order by yourself.

Oh and one more thing.. I'd like to arrange a meetup as soon as the snow melts (probably not until May or June *grumble*), so I'll be posting again with ideas for locations and/or things we can do. If this group order does go through, it might just be perfect timing. ^_^

edit: Baby is in the lead with two three votes! I think it's settled. XD
I'll post again in a few weeks when I place the order, so you guys can let me know what you wanna get then, and I'll let you know how much it'll be with fees/shipping/etc. Oh and since it's such a small group, there's no limit, so get as much as you like! I forgot, Baby only takes 8 items in an order at one time.. so let's try to keep it to 1-2 items, 3 at the very most, ok?
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