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I'm thinking of having the meetup not next weekend, but the one after that (Sunday the 13th of July, specifically). I'm super busy this weekend and next, so it works out great for me. Please let me know if that works for you guys, there's not too many of us so it shouldn't be hard to work around our schedules.. I'd like at *least* three of us there.

Soo yeah! Just a casual meetup in assiniboine park, picnic style (weather permitting of course). I'll make fancy sandwiches and bring flatware so we wont have to eat off paper plates/cups, maybe someone else could be in charge of tea or cake? Just an idea.

If you think you can make it.. lemme know! either here or on msn is fine.
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I've got to work until 6:00pm on Sunday the 13th :(. For me personally, I usually have days off during the week, so weekdays would be better for me >.> unless its after 6pm. I'd be cool with having an evening picnic :P

Just giving my two cents ;D
Actually an evening picnic sounds pretty cool! Weekdays are fine for me (as long as it's after the 9th). I'll have to go over it with chibisweetloli to figure out which day works for all of us.
I'd love to finally meet other Winnipeg lolitas in person! :D

A picnic in Assiniboine Park would be choice as I live right next door. I'm not much for tea but I could bring lemonade and a buy a couple dainties from High Tea Bakery as it's at the end of ma street. ~excitement~

Then there's ice cream. yum yum!
Oh, sweet! Literally! haha. I've been wanting to go to High Tea Bakery for a while now, I've heard good things about it, sooo yes if you could bring some goodies that would be awesome! Lemonade is a good idea too, that way there's a choice between having a hot or cold drink.

Oh yeah, what days are you available? Are weekends better or weekdays? I wanna plan it on a day that works for everybody. (:
Days that work for me, hum.

I'd also say any day after the 9th would be good for me as that's when I get a cast removed. I just got a summer job so I'm not sure what my schedule would be like hopefully I'll have more days than evenings. I think weekends would be better.

I'm just full of indecisiveness!