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egl_winnipeg's Journal

EGL Winnipeg
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This community is for people interested in Gothic and Lolita fashion and culture in the city of Winnipeg. We need more Winnipeg lolis! We post about egl-related things happening in Winnipeg, such as meet ups, picnics, photoshoots, and the like.

Community Rules
1) Please keep posts on topic (on topic being about gothic and lolita)
2) Be polite, courteous, and respectful of other members. Obviously people will have differing opinions on things, but let's deal with that in a mature way, okay?
3) You may make an introduction post if you wish :)
4) Large images (over 350 to 400 pixels in height or width) should be placed under an lj-cut so as to not clog up/stretch/etc peoples' friends pages.
5) Please no sales posts, commission requests or "want to buy/where to buy" posts unless they are specific to winnipeg. If you want to sell/commission/find out where to buy something, please do so in egl
6) Have fun, and don't be shy!